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Knowing Your Audience for Better Social Media Content

Knowing your personas for better social media content will ultimately lead to better customer engagement.

An audience persona is the helpful tools for social media content creators. Defining this audience persona helps you to better target your ideal customer. Also, audience personas called buyer personas, customer personas, or marketing personas. 

Let’s begin by defining what an audience persona is.

Audience personas are fictional profiles of your ideal target customers. Above all, factors that we take into account are demographics, touch points, desires, and pain points. Therefore, what we have here is a portrait of your of the person you’re trying to sell to or engage with.

Simply put, an audience persona is a profile of your perfect target customer.

As a social marketer or content creator it is so easy to be consumed in your latest campaign details like engagement rates for example. The wonderful thing with audience personas is that they remind us to put our audience’s wants and needs first, ahead of your own.

What is the link then to content?

An audience persona gives us a detailed description of someone who represents your ideal target audience. Now there is an opportunity to craft content targeted specifically to them. We can do this by thinking about  speaking to this ideal customer as if they were a real person.

So, your audience persona will guide everything from tone of voice, messaging, preferred content types, and even the social channels you use.

It would be likely that different groups of people may buy your products/services for different reasons. In this case you might need to create more than one audience persona. We suggest that it is wise to create an audience persona to represent each segment of your customer base. Now you can create specific content that speaks to each of your audience personas.

What are the benefits of audience personas?
Make your content relevant from the customer’s perspective

Audience personas can help you avoid using corporate buzzwords by reminding you to think about the real humans who read your social posts and engage with your content.

Also, audience personas keep you focused on addressing customer priorities instead of your own. Always keep in mind your audience personas every time you make a content decision.

Think that your social media content will help your audience personas meet their goals. By doing so you can create a lasting trust with the real customers they represent. Remember, at the end of the day is about generating sales while creating brand loyalty and trust.

Make your social ads more effective

Most social media platforms offer a wide variety of ad options with incredibly detailed targeting options.

Knowing your audience personas allows you to not only have content that speaks directly to your target audience, but also to get that content or ad right in front of exactly the right audience.

It is even possible to create separate ad content for each of your defined audience personas. Thus, knowing your audience persona can improve your ad targeting, which will increase your conversion rates and improves your social ad campaign performance.

Improved ROI from your content strategy

Think how instrumental audience personas can be to your overall content strategy. Social media content would be in many cases the start to engaging potential prospects for your business.

We can ask ourselves are we producing social media content that speaks to your personas’ motivations and frustrations? How are we helping our customers reach their goals?

To conclude, what next?

So for your next piece of social media content, you need to have a pulse on what your personas might be buzzing about today to stay topical.

This means that fine-tuning your audience personas is an ongoing process. As you track trends and continue to ask questions, social listening and attention to detail will constantly keep you in the loop with what your personas want and to refine your social content accordingly.

Remember to consider your audience personas every time you make a decision about your social media content. Do right by these personas and you’ll build a bond with the real customers they represent—boosting sales and brand loyalty.

Let us help you create the audience personas you need to truly performing social media content.

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