Podcasts for Engagement and Trust Building with Your Customers

Podcasts for Engagement with Your Customers

Podcasts have seemed like they have been around forever. Recently though they have become more popular. Older groups between 30-40 especially like them. Podcasts for Engagement? What is the allure of podcasts? The medium of sound is surely convenient and what role can podcasts take in content marketing?

Why the increase in popularity in podcasts? There are several reasons why it is good to have podcasts for engagement:

  1. In contrast to other media, podcasts are quite suitable for everyday use, as you can listen to them while exercising or travelling to the office.
  2. The possibility of “listening on the side” makes the podcast an ideal accompanying medium. Podcasts can also be produced with limited resources, which also contributes to their appeal.
  3. Thanks to the low production costs, setting up a podcast is easy even for almost everyone.
  4. At the same time, on-demand content has also grown in popularity over the last several years.
  5. The download option also makes podcasts mobile and easy to listen to anywhere and anytime.
What does it take to have an appealing podcast?

The most essential part of a podcast is a well told story. This well-told story needs to be in-depth and, above all, is well-structured and easy to understand.

Podcasts need to authentic. This means that they have unstaged and authentic dialogues. Here, usually two people are involved (hosts or guests) and an exciting exchange is created. After which, differences of opinion or unexpected turns can often occur. This will create an uncut authenticity that makes a podcast appealing. Listeners themselves feel like they are sitting at the table and are taking part in the conversation, unfiltered and unembellished.

Besides, authentic dialogues create strong sympathy among listeners. Podcasts should have a simple and conversational tone. This will create a relaxed atmosphere, which makes listening to a podcast a relaxed experience.

Using podcasts in content marketing

Podcasts can provide deeper insights into specific topics. If a brand or company can podcast topics that may pique its customers’ interest. For instance, a food brand makes podcasts dinner recipes. 

Podcasts transfer knowledge and if linked to an advertising message and can attract new customers. It is important here that the focus of the podcast is formulated, the host has sufficient experience in the respective topic and has the necessary language skills.

If you’d like to use podcasts in your content marketing mix, we suggest using them mid-funnel. They are especially good for nurturing prospects who can subscribe to your podcast channel.

Good sound quality should also be ensured before starting the in-house production of a podcast.

How to know if your podcasts for engagement are performing?

Evaluation can be linked to your customer journey and its associated KPIs. For example, if your podcasts linked to nurturing prospects, a good evaluation could be weekly listeners.

Podcasts currently reach a market of around ten million young listeners. Therefore, they offer an optimal platform for content distribution. The strongest target group is the 30 to 49-year olds, followed by the 14 to 29-year olds. 29% are 50 years and older.

However, since the aspect of further education plays a major role in podcasts. Therefore, advertising in podcats needs to be well thought out and be linked exclusively to exciting, informative, or entertaining content.

Podcasts and Social Media

Contrary to popular belief podcasts can offer much for social media. Social media is highly visual and podcasts offer a balance to this in the content mix.

We tend to think that social media is top of funnel short form content. It creates awareness and is a bait that hooks potential customers. Podcasts can then engage them with more in-depth content to build trust through knowledge.

Also, simply talking usually involves less effort when compared to making a YouTube video. Still though, professionalisation of podcasts is advancing all the time. A great deal of know-how and good equipment are now essential for a good quality podcast.

An authentic way to connect with potential customers is to use podcasts for engagement.

Social media is the ultimate partner for podcast content to become well-known. It can significantly help to build up the needed reach of podcast listeners.

To Conclude, Podcasts are the next wave

You may be surprised to learn that 144 million Americans listen to podcasts, according to the latest podcast statistics. Put another way, 51% of the US population older than 12 have listened to a podcast at least once. In comparison with 2018, 20 million more Americans listen to podcasts.

Given this volume, podcasts are an extremely attractive channel for companies and industries.

Let us help you create the podcasts you need to engage your audiences. Schedule a free consult today.

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