What is an Inbound Marketing Funnel?

All customers will embark on a journey to making a brand purchase. This journey from not knowing anything about a brand to being a loyal customer is an important focus for any marketer. 

Knowing this flow and tailoring it towards your prospective leads will greatly increase sales. The flow to draw prospective leads to purchase is called an “Inbound Marketing Funnel.”

 Inbound marketing funnel  

There are three parts to this funnel. These are:
  1. Top of the funnel (ToFu)
  2. Middle of the funnel (MoFu)
  3. Bottom of the funnel (BoFu) 

In this blog post, we will explore briefly the relevance of each part marketing funnel. In later blog posts, we will explore relevant content types for each part of the funnel. This will give you a full understanding of each part and how we can leverage it to convert leads. 


As the name suggests this is the very top of the funnel. It is where you first attract potential customers. It is where your brand builds awareness. Top-of-the-funnel efforts act to help establish someone’s interest in your brand; the next stage focuses on converting their interest into a lead.

Remember this is where your customer’s journey begins and is full of prospects who are looking for information on a particular topic and improve their lives in some shape or form.

Whatever they might be looking for they most certainly will not be in the mindset to make a purchase or investment of any kind (time, money, or emotional). Remember your prospects are just trying to start solving a problem/need/situation they are facing.


The middle of the funnel focuses on establishing your brand’s importance and value. This part of the funnel is where you begin showing your business value by enticing the potential customer to align with your brand. 

Now your prospects have collected sufficient information on their topic (might have even become a new lead), they’re more knowledgable, and now willing to invest more time digging deeper into the topic… they begin to zero in. 

This is the beginning of the nurturing and conversion process. 


The bottom of your funnel is a crucial stage in nurturing. Now your prospects need a real solution, they are close to making a purchasing decision. Hopefully, they have enough affinity with your brand that you have their details.

Now, your new leads just need some convincing of why choosing your product or service, over your competitors, is the best choice they can make. 

At this point, you have a way to contact your leads which allow your selling strategies to begin. The goal is to show your potential customer what your brand can provide them and hopefully convert them to a sale.

Building trust

As customers go through the funnel your brand will build trust with them. Enough trust and affinity with your brand to convert into a sale. Each part of the funnel is linked to one another by way of content types and marketing tactics. This we will go into in later posts.

Let us help you create the best inbound marketing funnel you need to boost your sales. Schedule a free consult today.

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