The Best Bottom of Funnel Content

At the bottom of the funnel (BoFu), your potential customers are now a the end of their journey to making a brand purchase. They have progressed through ToFu and MoFu. 

In this blog post, we will explore in detail the best content for BoFu and how this is essential to driving sales. 

BoFu: Getting Your Leads to Make You the Destination

The bottom of your funnel is a crucial stage in nurturing. At this point, you have a way to contact your leads which allow your selling strategies to really begin. 

BoFu content represents the closing stages of the buyer’s journey. At this stage of the funnel, marketers can direct prospective consumers to content that sells the product.

We suggest you use content types such as case studies, product walk-through videos, live demonstration webinars and consultations. 

BoFu content needs to cement a decision that is being made or has been made. Above all, help the potential customer realize you are the right solution. Providing case studies and testimonials that demonstrate how your product or solution adds value to their business or lives.

It’s important to note here that BoFu content can also lead directly into validation. In addition, this starts to cross the line from traditional content marketing to things like product marketing and customer testimonials. 

As you work closer to the bottom of the marketing funnel, your content should shift from purely educational to a more consultative, product-focused and ‘show don’t tell’ style of marketing.

Remember that at this stage your potential customer knows quite a bit about you. Also, you know quite a bit about them too. You know what content they have downloaded, what links they have clicked on, their contact information, and most importantly you know they are interested in your brand. With this information, you can begin to provide your lead with relevant content and offers.

And what happens next? You make a sale! 

Let us help you create the best inbound marketing funnel you need to boost your sales. Schedule a free consult today.


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