The Best Middle of Funnel Content for your Customers

Best middle of funnel content
In this blog post, we will explore in detail the best middle of funnel content.

In addition, we look at how we can use content to build up customer intent to close the sale at the bottom of the funnel.  

Now you have engaged potential customers with your top of funnel content. Hopefully, they will now be more aware of your brand. Also, they may know that you may be able to provide a solution to a problem that they have.

What now? What we suggest is try to “push” potential customers to the middle of the funnel (MoFu). You can do this with more meaningful content. 

MoFu: Converting Leads into Your Lane

Above all, the middle of the funnel focuses on establishing your brand’s importance and value. In addition, every visitor to your website is not considered a lead, instead, a lead is a particular visitor who through their interactions with your content, is seen as a strong candidate to close a sale with.

With MoFu content marketing, brands can start positioning themselves as the market leader of a product that addresses a consumer’s needs in more detail. 

At this point of the funnel, content can include targeted offers and the content itself can go into more depth. 

Types of content used in this funnel include comparison charts, white papers, eBooks, landing pages, premium content offers, educational blog posts, webinars, and videos.

MoFu is usually the most complicated funnel stage because of how hard it is to define. The wide net of interested leads captured in ToFu who haven’t been fully qualified could range from needing more info on product features to someone who merely just wanted to check out a webinar. 

If you are too shameless about plugging your products or services during the MoFu stage, you’ll come across as pushy and likely turn off buyers. Be helpful and knowledgeable, while guiding your prospects into the right decision.

Another thing to remember for Mofu is “Calls-to-action” (CTAs). 

CTAs are a critical step to offer a pathway to your premium content, such as whitepaper downloads, e-books or webinars. CTAs can be shared on your blog and social media pages or sent out via a newsletter. Once that CTA is clicked the visitor will then be directed to a landing page where they can enter their contact information and download your offer.

And voila; you have a lead! This information is essential to the beginning stages of the nurturing and conversion process.

Let us help you create the best inbound marketing funnel you need to boost your sales. Schedule a free consult today.


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