The Best Top of Funnel Content

top of funnel content
Let us take a look at preferred content for the top of the funnel (ToFu).

In this blog post, we will explore in-depth the best content types for the top of funnel. Getting content right here will build awareness with your new customers.

ToFu: Getting Leads on the Right Path

As a recap, this part of the funnel is where you first attract potential customers. ToFu content involves raising brand awareness and generating customer engagement. This is done with a high volume of leads who are not familiar with your brand. 

In addition, there is an emphasis on delivering content that doesn’t pressure customers to make a purchase. Instead it focuses more on providing information that addresses either a need, problem or question. 

Above all, you don’t care about conversions, you care about piquing intrigue. Top of funnel content needs to be much more digestible. In addition, it needs to be  informative to ensure you are positioned as a thought leader. 

Preferred content for Tofu includes datasheets, infographics, social media posts, and blogs are all great example of more digestible content that is easy to consume. 

At this stage, it’s super important to make sure that the content you’re publishing regularly. Also your social media efforts are all reflecting the fantastic brand that you are, while educating and engaging readers. 

Top-of-the-funnel efforts act to help establish someone’s interest and trust in your brand.

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